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11 Months to go – 10 business basics

Most of us like to get things off to a fresh start in the New Year and most of us start with the best of intentions but in reality, nothing really changes as things settle down to the same old routine.

Now that January is out of the way, its time to get serious about the 11 Months ahead.

We asked our interim support professionals what activities businesses of all sizes should use for their 2018 focus, here is a summary of the top 10 things.

  1. Establish the current situation – Make sure your management information is appropriate – without fail, every business we support has poor and irrelevant management information.  Your accounts shouldn’t only be a history paper, look forward
  2. The good, the bad and the ugly – Identify what went well.  Identify what didn’t go well.  Fix the obvious issues…
  3. What matters M.O.S.T – Create a plan which clearly and simply articulates what needs to be done for 2018.  We use a simple planning method our M.O.S.T model.
  4. Take Charge – Talk with your people personally, meet with the key players and top performers in your business.  Hold a team meeting and thank everyone for their effort – its a fact that many people may have been looking for new jobs in January, they may be at the latter stages of selection.
  5. Be Honest – Take action – Deal with issues and insist others do, if you have let things go a little too long it’s never too late to reel things back in and sort them out.
  6. Keep your best people closest to the action – we see this all the time, the best operators get promoted to management and they flounder, meanwhile less productive people come in behind them.  The net result is poor leadership and an underperforming department, the stars end up either leaving or sacked.  Imagine Wayne Rooney being promoted to a Manager.
  7. Simplify, simplify, simplify – Cut out unnecessary departments, beurocracy, processes and procedures.
  8. Focus on those that pay the bills – Remember your current customers are your competitors’ targets for 2018.  Go out and meet your customers – make sure they are happy and you are competitively priced, things are starting to get tight and your competitors WILL be looking to win your customers.
  9. Generate energy – creating competitive friction within your teams and inter-department is a good thing, don’t mistake competitive friction for poor team-work, it is not the same thing.
  10. Maintain a “Watch” System – There will be a lot going on this year, you and your team need to keep a lookout for what’s happening. Don’t get so absorbed with looking internally that you miss something important externally, be it an opportunity or a threat.  Do this by appointing one of your trusted senior team to look specifically “down and in” and one “up and out”.  Meet regularly, short report, and discuss.


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11 Months to go – 10 business basics

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