Mission Focused Leadership - An Injection of Strategy

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Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips He was hard of hearing, so he had no radio.  He had trouble with his eyes, so he had no newspaper.  But he sold fish and [...]

Orange Sky

Sales Team Time Waster

How Efficiently Do Your Sales Team Qualify Sales Prospects? Before anyone in sales spends hours preparing, presenting and then jumping through hoops for any prospect, they should take a [...]


We live in uncertain times

Make your strategy clear and focused Recent political and economic events have made many business people anxious and fearful of their futures.  We do indeed live in uncertain times, [...]


It’s a State of Mind

The Ruggedised Coaching Programme The Ruggedised Coaching Programme – Two Royal Marine Comando’s stand with heavy backpacks looking up at a hill in Southern Afghanistan, they are being pursued [...]


Leadership Resilience

It’s a state of mind. The mindset of the resilient leader is drastically different to the mindset of less resilient colleagues, and it makes all the difference. Resilience provides us with an [...]