Mission Focused Leadership - An Injection of Strategy

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If achieving your business goals are so important, why do you spend so little time planning to achieve them?

People in your business are not oblivious to your corporate mission.  What they are aware of is just how little time you spent planning to achieve it.

  • Do you think they believe in it?
  • Do they think you are serious about it?

Let’s look at a manager in company X planning a 10% sales increase in the coming year, even though the market is flat.  In their budget reviews, most managers would accept the number without debate or discussion, largely because it will probably never come up again, or at least that’s what usually happens.

Mission Focused Leadership

However, in a Mission focused company the leader, while conducting a regular Mission Performance Review, will want to know if the goal is linked to the corporate mission and if it is realistic.

“Fine,” she’ll ask the manager, “but how does this support the company’s mission?   Where is the increase coming from?  What products will generate the growth?  Will our customers buy them?  Have we worked out a proposition? What will our competitor’s reaction be?  What are the milestones and performance indicators?”

08:00 – the Monday operations meeting and performance indicators have not been achieved, it’s an amber light on the RAG status report, something’s not going as planned, and something will need to be changed:

  • Was my plan sound?
  • Was the message cascaded to the team using the standard team briefing process?
  • Are the right people in charge of getting it done, and is their accountability clear?
  • Whose collaboration will now be required, and how will they be motivated to collaborate?
  • Is the reward system motivating them to perform?

Her leadership skills are such that the team will soon be engaged in a structured team-based problem-solving session, flushing out the blockages and assessing the situation.  Soon factor analysis will be complete and an M.O.S.T Plan written.

09:00 – armed with a well thought through recovery plan her team move to action the changes at their 09:15 team mission briefing.

Time is of the essence!

Organisations don’t achieve unless the right people, individually and collectively, focus on the right things at the right time.

For the team moving from strategy to execution, it is vitally important that people at all levels up, down and across your organisation have sight of a transparent picture of what it is that you are trying to achieve.

At NorthCo we understand that this is going to require a change in the way that managers and leaders work together, we also know that most organisational change efforts fail because they are disconnected from operational realities.

Mission Focused Leadership is an entirely operational way of working.  Driven from the top Mission Focused Leadership is linked directly to bottom-line results. Mission Focused Leadership sets a leadership rhythm across an entire organisation, driving positive behaviour up down and across the organisation.


We are Strategy Execution Experts; we help clients’ to pursue their most significant opportunities. Aligning operational strategy with organisational ambition is at the core of everything we do.

Combining strong analytical skills with clear operational focus, we use a unique mixture of facilitation, coaching and organisational consulting to help leaders achieve ambitious goals.

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