Emergency Interim Management –

Sometimes you just need a safe pair of hands on the ground quickly.

From a single Emergency Interim Manager to a Quick Reaction team – the NorthCo Interim Management Network works with Private Clients who, from time to time, need support to navigate their way out of difficult or emergency situations; be it a particularly difficult trading period, a distressed acquisition, loss of senior management or even hostile management.

NorthCo Emergency Interim Management are confident in challenging, hostile and distressed business environments. Calm under pressure, we work to stabilise difficult situations, creating time and space to make better decisions.

Experience has taught us that clear, immediate and decisive action is critical in maintaining as much value as possible, and our Emergency Interim Management teams will help achieve this, mitigating potential loss and securing as much value as possible.

Our Emergency Interim Management team deliberately straddle the line between strategy, process, facilitation, and organisational consulting—becoming trusted partners to our client as they tackle their most challenging strategic issues.

How can a NorthCo Emergency Interim Manager support your business?

We can have an Emergency Interim Manager on the ground within hours. From a single Interim Manager to locking down an entire business. Let us know before “close of play” and we will be there at the start of business the very next day. If you call us in the morning we will have an emergency interim manager on site as soon as we can get there – we will try to get there to lock up that night.

Once on the ground, the NorthCo Emergency Interim Managers will coordinate with the wider NorthCo team, organising what needs to be done to secure the business.

Distressed Businesses
We work alongside other professional advisors and insolvency practitioners frequently. We work on behalf of our client looking after their interests, alongside the IP, incumbent management team, professional advisors, bankers and other funders.

Leadership Coaching

Strategy Facilitation

Interim Leadership

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