What is “Mission Focus”?

Mission Focus – A sound Mission should be unambiguous and presented in such a way that your team can use it as the focal point of their planning.  It might look like this – “Generate £1.5m of gross profit through a combination of new and existing business”.  During our interim work, we try to install and leave behind a style of leadership which we call Mission Focused Leadership.

As a result of the investors in people programme from years ago, there still seem to be a plethora of mission statements adorning the walls of many offices, all trying too hard to tick the PC boxes.  It’s ironic that the same programme encouraged business leaders to set S.M.A.R.T objectives…

If your business has a mission statement along the lines of “to be the number one supplier of…looking after our customers…in an ethical and sustained environment”, I would think again.  Write all that stuff down in your standards, principles and “how we do business”, not the mission.