What are the benefits of an Interim Manager?

An Interim Manager is a highly experienced executive with extensive management expertise. An Interim Manager is able to quickly step into a business on a temporary basis to offer strong, focused temporary leadership and strategic direction.

Increasing numbers of organisations are choosing to hire interim managers as a cost-effective solution to ensure organisational stability, manage change or see them through a specific challenge.


An interim manager can be in place within days – sometimes hours – in comparison to the time it would take to recruit a permanent executive with the relevant skillset. Not only this, but interim managers can be flexible around their availability, location and working patterns. This gives your business peace of mind that you have a strong leader in position whilst you progress the permanent recruitment process.


Interim managers are highly skilled and are often overqualified for the role, meaning that they can ‘hit the ground running’ – quickly understanding and adapting to the business situation. This means they are instantly a productive, positive driving force within your business, applying their vast experience, knowledge and skills within your wider team throughout their interim management position.


NorthCo interims have a track record of success, and so are focused on delivering measurable results. They are accustomed to working towards KPIs and goals, often within tight deadlines and so will be focused on achieving your business objectives. A successful interim manager takes responsibility and makes themselves accountable.


One of the major benefits that a NorthCo interim is that they are able to look upon your business from an objective, impartial perspective. A NorthCo interim will not be influenced by past issues, company politics, procedures or individual personalities. This leaves them free to focus on delivering what’s best for your business, whilst being able to confidently tackle challenging issues and speak openly to the board.

They won’t just “hold the fort”. NorthCo interims are generally deployed into situations which require rapid change or business improvement, as such, they are chosen for their “action orientation” and then trained to use our Mission Focused Leadership system.

The skills required to fix an organisational issue are not the same as those required for Business as usual. For sure, a NorthCo Interim will be a safe pair of hands and of course, they are qualified. But we don’t really see the sense in a “holding the fort” strategy. All this means is that the situation which led to the need for an Interim Manager will be masked until a “fixer” comes along.

Our philosophy is fairly straightforward; stabilise, fix and find a full-time manager to take the reigns for B.A.U.

Helmuth von Moltke is the prototype model for modern operational leadership. He provides a superb example in both his writings and in his actual application of the military arts. To understand Moltke’s contribution, it is necessary to first understand the times in which he practised his art. The Napoleonic era and its aftermath set the stage forMotlke’s role in nineteenth-century warfare. The events of the Napoleonic era resulted in a series of reforms in Prussia including the development of the General Staff system from which Moltke built an effective military machine.

His mastery of planning, staff development, mobilization, deployment, sustainment, and the Implementation of technology helped to make the Prussian (and later the German) army the master of Europe. He applied his talents, in conjunction with Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, to defeat Denmark in1864, Austria in 1866 and France in 1870-71. Moltke was a student and admirer of Clausewitz but did not follow all his prescriptions at all times.

Moltke was a master of military efficiency and ranks among the great captains of all time. His greatness resulted primarily from superior management skills which he applied to military strategy and operations in a manner never surpassed before or since.

NorthCo Strategic Interims have been trained to implement our Mission Focused Leadership system to effect rapid change within an organisation. We generally deploy Strategic Interims into situations which require rapid change or business improvement. You can read more about our Profit Improvement process here

Structure and results

All of our Interim Managers are qualified to use our Mission Focused Leadership system.

Every assignment starts with the establishment of a structured plan which is designed to drive results. We use a Mission focused approach using our MOST planning system to do this.

Team Multiplier

Every Interim has behind the scenes help from the NorthCo Core Team.  Our clients benefit from low rate legal support and advice from our in-house legal and employment law team.  And non-financial Interims are always supported by a qualified FD, especially in the early days of an assignment and until they understand and trust “the numbers”.

VUCA is a military leadership term used to describe uncertain environments; volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, our world is also now full of VUCA.

VUCA causes fear, and fear causes inaction. When people don’t know what’s coming next, they tend to dwell on the dangers and hazards of what might happen.

Having a Mission Focused Mindset helps overcome VUCA and move your team forward.


Yes! We’re a team of experts who follow a proven process to help organisations build actionable strategic plans and move them into execution. If you don’t have a plan, we’ll work with your leadership team onsite or remotely to build a plan that reflects what you need to achieve.

In a world of increasing competition, pressure, and negativity the Ruggedised programme is a motivational Executive Coaching and support system for business and professional people.

The Ruggedised programme is specifically designed for business and professional people who have hectic lifestyles or are under immense pressure and need one-one guidance and support to help them achieve their own optimal performance.  The Ruggedised programme is an exclusive Executive Coaching Programme designed to be specific to each individual.

Mission Focus – A sound Mission should be unambiguous and presented in such a way that your team can use it as the focal point of their planning.  It might look like this – “Generate £1.5m of gross profit through a combination of new and existing business”.  During our interim work, we try to install and leave behind a style of leadership which we call Mission Focused Leadership.

As a result of the investors in people programme from years ago, there still seem to be a plethora of mission statements adorning the walls of many offices, all trying too hard to tick the PC boxes.  It’s ironic that the same programme encouraged business leaders to set S.M.A.R.T objectives…

If your business has a mission statement along the lines of “to be the number one supplier of…looking after our customers…in an ethical and sustained environment”, I would think again.  Write all that stuff down in your standards, principles and “how we do business”, not the mission.

The M.O.S.T planning model is our own in-house planning system, the model has been derived from a combination of Military and business planning tools.  M.O.S.T is a pneumonic for:

Mission – Objectives – Strategy -Tasks –

The Mission Brief Process – Adapted from the British military, the Mission Brief process is a quick and easy (designed to be used “under fire”) method of preparing a tactical plan. It is designed to be used from the top to the bottom of any organisation. The Mission brief process is an essential tool for any leader.

Leadership Coaching

Strategy Facilitation

Interim Leadership

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