Find An Interim Manager – The Interim Recruitment Process

The Yorkshire Interim Management Network comprises a diverse and extensive network of professional Interim Managers. Their backgrounds cover a vast range of industries, disciplines, sectors and business environments from across Yorkshire.
Our comprehensive interim recruitment and selection process ensures that you are matched with an Interim Manager who fits your business and objectives.

The Interim Recruitment Process

  1. You brief us on your interim management requirements including skillset, experience and specific expertise.
  2. Our core team will create a “mission focused” brief for the role using our M.O.S.T model (Mission, Objectives, Strategy, Tasks).
  3. From our pool of professional Interim Managers from across Yorkshire, we compile a longlist of those who we believe closely match your requirements.
  4. We tend to know most of the good interims from across Yorkshire, who is available and who would fit your brief.
  5. We create a shortlist of the best candidates which we send to you.
  6. Once an Interim Manager has been placed, a member of our core team will maintain an active monitoring watch, making sure we meet the original “Mission Focused” brief.
  7. We also provide a secure support network from the NorthCo core team; enabling them to access a range of support or further executive expertise as and when required; known as ‘The Team Multiplier Effect.’

Our Fees

Our fees are generally more cost effective than hiring a freelance interim. Whilst a freelance interim needs to charge higher fees to cover periods where they are not on an assignment, Northco interims often move straight from one project to the next. This is because our support infrastructure is looking for the next assignment while the interim concentrates on the current job, allowing us to offer highly competitive interim fees.

Our Interim Management Disciplines

The NorthCo Interim Management Network provides organisations with Interim Managers and Executives across a variety of roles and disciplines including:

Strategic Interim

Strategic Coaching

Strategic Facilitation

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