NorthCo Legal is a new kind of advisory service specifically aimed at supporting ambitious organisations who are anticipating or mid-way through a period of change.

Access as much or as little expert corporate and commercial legal support as you need – from a fully outsourced model to one-off advice. It’s a tailor-made approach that allows your requirements to be met more quickly while giving you the added benefit of competitive pricing.

NorthCo Legal is able to provide your business with the vast majority of its basic legal needs. We make sure our legal consultants speak plain English and get to the point quickly with a solution, not a range of options.

Northco Legal will plant an experienced corporate lawyer into your business on a part-time basis or to support a particular project. This will mean senior management can focus on their own roles. It will also mean you get decent legal advice without the waffle, and you’ll pay far less than you would if you currently rely heavily on law firms.

We can draft or review any contract in connection with your business. This might be terms and conditions, contracts with suppliers or consultancy agreements. You’ll get clear and concise feedback.

We understand that having a strong management team is absolutely vital to the success of any business. If it’s not quite functioning as well as it should be, Northco Legal can help you put things right. We are experts in executive termination and will handle things with sensitivity but with absolute purpose.

Getting into a dispute can be crippling for any business. We’ll handle your disputes quickly and efficiently with an emphasis on fast resolution, allowing the business to focus on its core activities. Lots of law firms will gladly let you get bogged down in expensive and time-consuming litigation. We won’t. Our main aim is to get problems sorted and move on, not to run up expensive bills arguing with other lawyers.

Nothing slows down productivity and kills morale more than a problem employee. Whether that’s somebody who doesn’t pull their weight or somebody who has a permanently negative attitude, businesses just cannot afford to carry unproductive passengers. Northco Legal will help deal with the problem so your business can flourish.

Cash is King…but unfortunately some customers like to use you to bankroll their own businesses. Sound familiar? Northco Legal will pursue your debts so that any money you are owed ends up where it should be…in your bank account.

Strong corporate governance is at the heart of any well run and transparent business.   We’ve seen many promising businesses run into trouble when corners are cut and standards slip. Northco Legal operate with the highest ethical principles and will make sure you do the same. Businesses that are well run deliver long term value to shareholders.

Buying or selling a business comes with a whole host of legal considerations. Traditional law firms will assist with this and charge you a fortune, often swamping you with legal jargon and waffle along the way. Buying or selling a business is hard work and time consuming. We aim to make the process as smooth as possible, so you still have time to focus on your core business.

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