My approach

Operational duties have taught me; a more complex environment demands more Leadership, not less. If a void in Leadership exists, team coordination and focus will drift, morale and performance can quickly deteriorate, and a team can become distracted by Leadership that is not necessarily the type of Leadership you require.

Mission Focused and People Oriented.

My approach can best be summarised as Mission Focused and People Oriented. What others say about me

By clearly identifying the mission and focusing on crucial success levers, I coordinate the skills and experience of existing management, focusing the team on what matters most and getting the best out of the people and resources available.

Injecting focused energy and pace, I establish and embed management routines to create a consistent operational rhythm. In so doing, build a more resilient business where senior Leadership can make the difference, not the company.

I deliberately straddle the line between strategy, process, facilitation, and organisational consulting, becoming a trusted partner to my clients as they tackle their most challenging strategic issues.

Chairman, Interim and Operational Advisor to Private Equity, Venture Capital and Asset-Backed firms.


Professional Interim – I am a professional interim. My motivation is not to start as an interim and migrate into full-time management. More about me.  

Additional bandwidth – When you want to be there but can’t, I operate as your operational advisor, an extension of you. I can get answers to operational questions quickly, and once we agree on any action, I can work with management to make things happen efficiently.

Safe pair of hands – Calm under pressure; I will work to stabilise difficult situations, your safe pair of hands on the ground, creating time and space to make better decisions.

Boots on the Ground – Be it a challenging trading period, a distressed acquisition, a loss of senior management or even hostile management, clients may occasionally require operational support and top cover “on the ground” to navigate periods of uncertainty.

Looking after your interests – I frequently work alongside other professional advisors, lawyers, accountants, auditors and insolvency practitioners. I work on behalf of my clients, looking after their interests alongside the management team, professional advisors, bankers and other interested parties.

Team Player – I can work closely to support existing management, adding additional “bandwidth” to maintain a functioning team’s stability or, if necessary, “build-out” a senior management team, laying the foundations for longer-term management to deliver results.

Team Builder – I pull teams together by identifying and aligning them with a common purpose.  

Interim Network: If a role doesn’t fit with my skills and experience, or I am unavailable, I have an extensive network of professional interim managers whose backgrounds span various sectors across the UK. 

Stressed and Distressed Environments – I have considerable experience with stressed and distressed businesses. I understand the pressure and constraints a distressed company might be operating within.