The Story Behind NorthCo Management

Combining Strategic Military Planning with Business Planning Models

Trevor Parker founded NorthCo Management in January 2014. His idea was simple – to use his extensive business experience and military background to deliver a unique Mission Focused Leadership system to help commercial organisations achieve ambitious goals. This management style delivers real results because it combines Trevor’s knowledge and experience of military leadership planning and implementation skills with his business expertise. It is all about ‘getting stuck in’ and delivering results on the ground and creating strategies that enable businesses to succeed.

Trevor explains: “During my 12-year military career as a Senior Royal Marine Commando, I spent most of my time navigating “competitive” hostile environments and managing people and fast-paced scenarios.  I then spent the following 22 years growing a reputation within the automotive industry as the senior guy to get involved if you wanted to integrate a newly acquired business, change direction or turnaround the performance of a business unit. My experience at senior management level meant I got to grips with all the areas of running a business- from accounting, through sales and marketing to production and customer service. You don’t last long if you are not up to the job, the motor industry has a staff turnover rate that is double the average for most sectors, it doesn’t suffer fools, that had to count for something!

I adapted my “Mission Focused Leadership” system for use in various scenario’s; Interim Management assignments,  operational improvement projects, strategy facilitation and coaching across any organisation. It is from all this that NorthCo Management  was launched.

It turns out what we do and, how we do it, is pretty unique; we don’t do politics, we listen, we work hard, we enjoy what we do, we care about our results, and importantly – we get on with and like the people we work with. We appreciate the sensitivities of your business operation and you won’t find us talking about your business to anyone else – it’s just not good form.

We have grown from strength to strength, supporting all kinds of organisations to define, align, shape and deliver results. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.”

NorthCo Management has since expanded; acquiring one of the oldest recruitment firms in the automotive sector, John Gibson Associates. The addition of the NorthCo Interim Management Network, a network of high-quality Interim Managers from many sectors and disciplines adds additional firepower when needed.

Leadership Coaching

Strategy Facilitation

Interim Leadership

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