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What are the benefits of interim managers?

An Interim Manager is a highly experienced executive with extensive management expertise. An Interim Manager is able to quickly step into a business on a temporary basis to offer strong, focused temporary leadership and strategic direction.

Increasing numbers of organisations are choosing to hire interim managers as a cost-effective solution to ensure organisational stability, manage change or see them through a specific challenge.


An interim manager can be in place within days – sometimes hours – in comparison to the time it would take to recruit a permanent executive with the relevant skillset. Not only this, but interim managers can be flexible around their availability, location and working patterns. This gives your business peace of mind that you have a strong leader in position whilst you progress the permanent recruitment process.



Interim managers are highly skilled and are often overqualified for the role, meaning that they can ‘hit the ground running’ – quickly understanding and adapting to the business situation. This means they are instantly a productive, positive driving force within your business, applying their vast experience, knowledge and skills within your wider team throughout their interim management position.



An interim manager has a track record of success, and so are focused on delivering measurable results. They are accustomed to working towards KPIs and goals, often within tight deadlines and so will be focused on achieving your business objectives. A successful interim manager takes responsibility and makes themselves accountable.


One of the major benefits that an interim manager brings is that they are able to look upon your business from an objective, impartial perspective. An interim manager is not influenced by past issues, company politics, procedures or individual personalities. This leaves them free to focus on delivering what’s best for your business, whilst being able to confidently tackle challenging issues and speak openly to the board.



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