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Trusted, Discreet, Reliable Operations Support

NorthCo Management is a high-level, operational resource. We specialise in acting for financial institutions, private equity and venture capital firms. We bring direction, stability and gravitas to difficult situations.

Whatever your requirements, NorthCo promises discretion and diplomacy within challenging business environments. Working independently or alongside existing teams, our value proposition is to support management, enable performance and protect investment.
Our advisors are all well-rounded professionals with real-life experience and a broad commercial perspective. We advise based on reality not theory. We speak plain English and don’t hide behind jargon or management speak.



Our services include an operational review: an independent health check of your business and recommendations on how to build or protect your investment. We offer operational management support to teams in need of specialist assistance, from providing direct support with sales and business strategies to delivering stability to teams going through a leadership transition. We specialise in distress situations.



  • Support Management

    NorthCo Management provides operational support for small to medium sized management teams who might need specialist support from time to time.

  • Generate Performance

    NorthCo Management provides hands on expertise for small to medium sized businesses who require a quick injection of pace to increase performance.

  • Protect Investment

    NorthCo Management provide specialist support on behalf of family businesses, high net worth individuals, private equity and venture capital firms.

  • Pre and Post Investment Support for Management

    Our role is to work with the management team to identify what needs to be done and establish a realistic Strategic and Operational Business Plan for investment, be that new investors or money from existing investors.

  • Business Improvement Programmes

    We have been directly involved in bringing stability and recovery to hostile business environments, this has included, Balance Sheet restructuring, business re-engineering, stock reduction, reducing exposure, and business improvement.

  • Stabilising Difficult Situations

    NorthCo Management have significant experience in stabilising hostile business environments. We are are confident in challenging and distressed business environments and can be relied upon to support Clients who, from time to time, need support to navigate their way out of difficult or emergency situations.




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