NorthCo Interim Network

Use the NorthCo Interim Network to Find the Right Interim Executive Talent.

Through the NorthCo Interim Network, I specialise in connecting businesses and organisations with top-tier interim leadership. 

Why I Launched The Interim Network Service

The NorthCo Interim Network was born out of a genuine need and a passion for excellence in interim executive appointments. As a Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) with extensive experience in various industries, I intimately understand businesses’ challenges when seeking high-calibre Interim Leaders.

During one of my assignments as a CRO, the idea for this Interim Network service took root. The Private Equity partner I worked with struggled to find a top-tier FD to navigate a particularly challenging financial turnaround. Despite engaging regular recruitment firms, the search proved elusive, and it was clear that a different approach was necessary.

Recognising the importance of finding the right executive talent during a critical transition, I decided to step in and leverage my extensive network and industry experience to handpick the perfect interim FD. This experience sparked the vision for the NorthCo Interim Network, where I’m committed to delivering exceptional, personalised service to businesses facing similar challenges.

Finding a good Interim can be time-consuming - Let me do the Heavy Lifting.

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The Personal Touch

The NorthCo Interim Network. I pride myself on providing a highly personalised service. Your organisation’s needs are unique, and cookie-cutter solutions won’t suffice. I oversee each assignment, ensuring the process is tailored to your requirements.

This personal network approach allows me to maintain a limited workload, handling only 1-2 monthly assignments. This deliberate limitation enables me to invest ample time and attention in understanding your needs, identifying the right interim executive, and overseeing the process from start to finish.

My Interim Network service specialises in connecting organisations with high-calibre interim executives who can seamlessly step into critical roles, drive change, and make an immediate impact. I source a range of executive positions, including but not limited to:

My understanding of your requirements and my extensive network of seasoned professionals assists me in finding the best match for your organisation. Whether you’re navigating a financial restructuring, implementing a strategic transformation, or facing other critical transitions, we’re here to provide the right executive talent at the right time.

Not a recruitment agency.

NorthCo Interim Network is not a recruitment agency; it’s a partner committed to your organisation’s success. With a wealth of industry experience, a personal touch, and a focus on delivering only the highest calibre of interim leadership. 

I am a member of the Institute of Interim Management; my Institute profile can be found here.