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NorthCo Management deliver cost effective, first class, operational support services to Private Equity and Venture Capital portfolio companies.

Delivering the major support services a portfolio company might require without the associated cost base our services include, Legal and Compliance, Interim Leadership, Recruitment, AccountingInvestment Readiness and Profit Improvement Programmes.  Our services specifically support performance and protect the interests of our client.

Combining strong analytical skills with deep operational experience, gained from working in most industry sectors and management disciplines, we operate effectively across a wide range of sectors and operational conditions.

Working on a single task, a retained package, Interim or Project basis, independently or alongside existing management.  We see our role as assisting to improve operational capability as a business prepares for an important period of growth or change.

- A "Mission Focused" Approach

- Frequently asked questions

No not at all.  We do have close links with PE and VC firms but your business does not need to be backed by a PE or VC.

If you are seeking funding or asset based lending working with us could in fact be an advantage due to our close links.

We will of course apply the same standard of advice and practices, so if you are looking for funding in the future working with us will stand you in good stead for attracting funding.

The NorthCo investment readiness programme takes management through a range of activities – from business planning, investment strategy, sales and team development to the preparation of a hard-hitting executive summary and a compelling ‘elevator pitch’.  We will help strengthen your management where appropriate, and introduce non-executive support.

NorthCo legal is able to provide your business with the vast majority of its operational legal needs, in employment law and HR, Dispute Resolution, Business and Contract Law and Commercial Property.  Our qualified Legal Consultants work on either an hourly rate for ad-hoc work or a fixed fee package. For more information on how our legal team can support you see here.

We know you and your team attend hundreds of meetings with the aim of assessing an investment opportunity.  We also know that for various reason you will not invest in the vast majority of businesses which you assess.

The deal flow support programme is aimed at increasing your deal flow capacity by moving opportunities which have potential into a Deal flow pipeline which we nurture for you, preparing the business in just the way you want it.  You pick up the opportunity when you want it.

Our philosophy on fees reflects our commitment to professionalism and to working with clients’ best interests in mind.  We try to improve situations not add to the problem, to this end we do not have a minimum or fixed fee.

We completely recognise that some jobs can stand higher fee’s than others.  Our fees are structured and related to the input you require and consider to be justifiable.  We believe in offering absolute value for money.  For example, we often work on very low “break even” day rates on smaller projects within a given portfolio recognising that we will “win” on larger jobs within the same portfolio.

During recruitment assignments we do not base our fees upon a percentage of the appointed person’s package.  We will find you the best person for the job, not the highest salary.

The Team Multiplier Effect.

The NorthCo team consists of qualified Legal Consultants and Accountants, CEO’s, FD’s, FC’s, Marketeers, Sales Professionals and Manufacturing process professionals.

The range of industries and sectors is diverse including a cross section of environments, ranging from Rapid growth to Distressed situations.

We use the team multiplier approach to maximise results. This means our client gets a dedicated executive but that executive is then supported by skill and experience from a wide range of discipline from across the team.

Meaning a much larger pool of knowledge and experience is at your fingertips. Or to put it another way…better bang for your buck. Team Multiplication!

We don’t really have a typical client. In fact, when we get a new client we learn afresh every time, so there is no such thing as a “typical” client. In any case, no set of circumstances is ever the same so we think it’s important that we treat every client as unique.

That all said, we mainly work with SME’s ranging in turnover from £2m- £150m. And because our services are specifically aimed at protecting the interests of our client, we tend to do a lot of work with shareholders, financial institutions, private equity and venture capital firms as well as secured lenders and clearing banks.

Leadership recruitment are our in house specialist recruitment team.

Invariably within our work we often have the need to build out management teams.  We grew tired of paying the extortionate fees of recruitment agencies and recruited our own in house Leadership Recruitment specialist.  This keeps standards high and costs low.

NorthCo finance is able to provide your business with the vast majority of its operational accounting needs, in particular management reporting and compliance requirements for PE and VC portfolio businesses.  Our qualified accountants work on either an hourly rate for ad-hoc work or a fixed fee package.

Our services can double up as monitoring resource for your portfolio so can be a cost effective solution for the business.  For more information on NorthCo Accounting see here


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