Interim and Operational Advisor to Private Equity and Venture Capital backed firms.  

What I do

From CEO to CRO, I Specialise in interim operational improvement projects, supporting management teams to implement business plans, and encouraging leaders to “cut through the fog” and focus on the things that count.


Injecting focused energy and pace, I establish and embed management routines to create a consistent operational rhythm. In so doing, build a more resilient business where senior leadership can make the difference, not the company. Testimonials

“The goal is not to sail the boat, but rather to help the boat sail herself”.

Pre and Post Deal

Pre Deal

If there is a plan, I Look beyond the numbers to assess the operational capability of a business to deliver against an established business plan.  

If there isn’t a clear plan, I help support management to create a “real-world” operationally oriented business plan.  

Post Deal
I will support management in injecting focused energy and pace into implementing business plans.

I will implement robust management practices which establish an identifiable operational rhythm.

I will add additional “bandwidth” to a management team under pressure and stabilise business during periods of uncertainty.

I will lead any change programmes required to deliver results before longer-term management takes up posts.


  • I am a professional interim. My motivation is not to start as an interim and migrate into full-time management. More about me.  
  • I am a team player and will fit in with the team and genuinely support them. 
  • I am Equally capable of working closely in support of existing management, maintaining a functioning team’s stability or, if necessary, preparing foundations for longer-term management to deliver results.    
  • I can “build-out” senior management teams if necessary. 
  • I will add additional Management “bandwidth”.  
  • I have experience in various consumer-facing sectors, including leisure, lifestyle, hospitality, automotive, insurance, and specialist online retail.
  • I can operate in hostile environments; no one likes to, but it’s not something which overly concerns me. 
  • I am familiar with distressed businesses. I understand the pressure and constraints a distressed company might be operating within.