Chairman, Interim and Operational Advisor to Private Equity and Venture Capital backed firms.  

From Chairman and CEO to CRO, I Specialise in Interim Management for Private Equity and Venture Capital backed firms. Sometimes it’s to plug short-term skills gaps. More often, it’s to support management teams in implementing a Value Creation Plan.  

I support Management Teams by adding additional “hands-on” operational experience, leading strategic projects, complex situations or challenging trading periods; I deliver direct active support to navigate periods of uncertainty.

“The goal is not to sail the boat, but rather to help the boat sail herself”.


Pre Deal

If there is a Value Creation Plan, I Look beyond the numbers to assess the operational capability of a business to deliver against an established business plan.  


Without a clear Value Creation Plan, I support management to create a “real-world” operationally oriented plan.  

I get to know management from an Operational Perspective, where they might need support, and how we might better enable them.

I will identify Key People, whether they are vulnerable, and the succession plan.

Post Deal

I will support management in injecting focused energy and pace into implementing business plans.


I will implement robust management practices which establish an identifiable operational rhythm.

I will add additional “bandwidth” to a management team under pressure and stabilise business during periods of uncertainty.

I will lead any change programmes required to deliver results before longer-term management takes up posts.